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P0300 mercedes

In this video we Diagnose and Fix a p0300 on a 2007 Mercedes Ml350 ! Fake parts causing faultcodes. Wrong parts replaced because of these scantools! Never seen before. 4.3l l35 engine-diagnostic trouble code p0300 but no.

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4 Answers. A code P0300 may mean that one or more of the following has happened: Faulty spark plugs or wires Faulty coil (pack) Faulty oxygen sensor (s) Faulty fuel injector (s) Burned exhaust valve Faulty catalytic converter (s) Stuck/blocked EGR valve / passages Faulty camshaft position sensor Defective computer Possible Solutions: If there.

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Example: yesterday I had an 04 2500 with a 5.7 with a p0300, this is a pretty close engine set up on a diagnostic scale for missfire.I had a dead miss on #1 (which a good scanner can show on. P0300 Rendszertelen/több hengert érintő égéskimaradást érzékelés P0301 1.henger égéskimaradást érzékel P0302 2.henger égéskimaradást érzékel P0303 3.henger. Mercedes P0300 Mohd Akeel 2020-08-09T07:01:57-04:00 OBD Codes P0300 Description of the defect Random Misfire The random misfire DTC indicates multiple cylinders are misfiring or.

I have a 2014 Mercedes Benz C250 with 70k miles. It is used and I bought from a dealership. When I am checking the spark plugs, cylinder number 1 is full of oil. But the engine code says.

P0300-P0309 are some of the most common engine misfire-related codes. P0300 – Random or Multiple Misfire Detected. P0301 – Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected. P0302 – Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected. P0303 – Cylinder 3 Misfire 5.

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